Friday, March 29, 2013

Birth Control

Is thither a subscribe to for Birth Control?
at that place is a increasing shortage of food for the worlds tribes. Our current tribe has reached seven one million million million. There is similarly a finite get along of living space on this planet. We must assume that our population doubles every 39 years, according to Carl Djerassi in the humans Bank. This volition mean that our population will hit ten to fifteen billion by the middle of this century. The three main points are: How will we race these multitudes? Where will they live? How will we falsify this population explosion? I firmly gestate the nations of this planet need to seriously consider a control for their individual birth rates. We need a firm only if fair policy on birth control.
First, how do we feed fifteen billion people? There is a immense need for exploring new methods for agriculture expansion. According to Fred Pierce realm the Desert Margins, the need to find food that will twist in abandon like conditions is paramount due to there being approximately one fifth of the planet. The climate is withal severs for the populace, but crews loafer be hired to run and honor these lay waste to farms. Irrigation can be taken care of with desalinization plants to take sea water from the ocean and irrigate these desert farms.

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We can form grazing land also from the desert and raise live stock for meat and they will create a perfect source for the fertilizer to be use on these desert farms. A desert with the proper irrigation can also be turned into a forest to swear out provide the oxygen we will need to breathe. We can also use our empty and unused tundra spaces in the north and southeasterly of the planet. We could also use are arctic areas and build huge greenhouses for farming. There will also be a need for animal farms for beef, fowl, and other staples to maintain the diets for the populations.
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