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Research Project: Mediterranean Inter struggle Fascism
Benito Mussolini
* At first Mussolini was a socialist, republican (supporting no monarchy) and anti-church however this all changed especially during the firstborn World War when he was kicked out of the socialist troupe for support of the war as he saw war as an opportunity for revolution. During the war he fought for a trance and he said that he had faced atrocious injure; this shows that he was brave or he was just bragging.
* afterward the war formed the fascist guard, or black shirts from lazy ex-soldiers, these gained a reputation of violence; they especially targeted communist, strikers and anyone who was anti-fascist. They started to get support, curiously when he dropped his anti-clericalism. The fascists stayed both conservative and revolutionary.
* Mussolini wanted ripe see of Italy so threatened a march on capital of Italy if he was not given government and he claimed he was the only one who could restore order to Italy, King original Emmanuel handed over parliament however the black shirts subdued marched to the palace for propaganda (ash shown in the picture to the right) . In October 1922 he became ready minister.

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* Mussolini slowly set up a dictatorship starting line with the Acerbo Law in 1923; this gave 2/3 of the seats to the party with most votes, the fascists won in 1924 by means of determent at the votes, now Mussolini could only answer to the king.
* He wished to eviscerate himself more secure so carried on killing and gruelling anti-fascists, a notable example was Giocomo Matteotti who was murdered only a few days after openly denouncing fascism during the 1924 elections, Mussolini took responsibility besides maintained it was necessary for peace. The King was too scared of the fascists and blackshirts to phrase anything. The sight were also too afraid to protest.
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