Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Physical Education Is a Crucial Part of a Well-Rounded School Education

I have read from newspapers that some people prize physical direction is a waste of succession. Many students tho like to posture in front of a calculator and click on a mouse to add computer games. They think physical training is not an important thing. moreover I think physical education is very important. I have 3 causas to support my argument.

One of the reasons is that physical education can help students take on a healthy body. When they do exercise, their bodies become strong. For many students, they always sit in their classroom for five lessons every day and they also just sit in front of a computer and play computer games for a long time after condition. They need time to do exercise at school. Doing exercise can wanton their bodies stronger. They can charter more easily if they are healthier.

other reason is that it can help develop students social skills. During P.E. lessons, they play ballgames and work as a team and they can learn to accept defeat. Many young people make friends on the Internet, but sport gives teenagers a chance to interact face to face with real people.

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And they can learn cooperation and how to communicate effectively.

The last reason is that it helps students to relax. Students usually have a lot of examinations and homework. Physical education allows them to do sports with their friends to relax and this helps them release any pressure from school and family.

In conclusion, physical education is a crucial piece of music of a well-rounded school education. It can help students develop a healthy body, social skills and also help them to relax. For these reasons, I think physical education is very important.If you want to beget a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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