Thursday, March 28, 2013

Prince Siddhartha Gautama

Prince Siddhartha Gautama
Prince Siddhartha Gautama was the scion of a family of warrior-kings in northern India. He was being indoctrinated for the metre when he would assume his fathers throne. Growing up in an atmosphere of opulence, the young prince was constantly shielded from the roughshod realities of the world. An army of obsequious servants and tutors catered to his every desire providing Siddhartha with instruction in riding, fencing, dancing, and painting-while lavishing fulsome praise upon him. It wasnt until the prince was thirty that he took the initiatory step that led to his suitable the Buddha, one of the worlds greatest spiritual leaders. One day, prince Siddhartha expressed the desire to reach his lush surroundings and ride fall out among his people. He was profoundly shaken by the misery, destitution, diseases, and excruciating pain with which his people were constantly afflicted. Retiring to his room to ponder over what he had seen, he remained there for several days, deaf to the supplication of those who pleaded with him to come forth.

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It seemed to Siddhartha that his sprightliness had been redolent with decadence, and he was determined to make amends. Siddhartha exchanged his gold garments for a monks yellow robe and went out into the world to do penance for what he considered to be his forward life of sin. First he would cleanse himself by becoming an ascetic; then he would study Hindu knowledge in order to be prepared to help his damage people. After six years of desultory wandering and attracting provided a handful of disciples, Siddhartha came to a huge tree ascend the Indian city of Gaya. Finally, it is said, he underwent a metamorphosis, becoming the instruct one-the Buddha.

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