Thursday, March 28, 2013

Religion Essay

These three Religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism, ar similar in many ways but also have specific differences for to each one. Christianity is known for the prophesier Jesus and it is a monotheistic religion. Another monotheistic religion, Judaism, has a philosophy based on the Old Testament of the leger also known as the Torah. Buddhism, an Indian religion, believe in being able to attain the highest happiness, or Nirvana.
The three religions ar similar to each other in many ways. They each sh be the fact they have some type of ghostly confine, a celebration of a holiday, and places of morality. In Christianity, the religious entertain is the Bible, the Jewish religious hold is the Torah, and the Buddhist religious book is the Tritika. Christians hold Christmas as main holiday, the Jews celebrate Hanukkah, and Buddhism celebrates Vesak. Christians adore at a church, the Jewish religion worship in synagogues, and Buddhists worship to various types of shrines.
Judaism and Christianity are enormously similar but the deuce religions do contain some differences. The two religions have different founders, holidays, and places of worship. Abraham founded the Jewish religion while Jesus founded Christianity.

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In Judaism, Hanukkah is famous as the main holiday; in contrast to this the Christians celebrate Christmas. A synagogue is where a Jew would go to worship and a Christian would go to a church to worship.
In itself, Judaism and Buddhism are diverse in numerous ways. These two religions differ in places of worship, religious books, and the origin of their religion. Jewish people go to worship their God at a synagogue while a Buddhist would worship to any kind of shrine. The Jews have a religious book by the name of the Torah and Buddhists religious book is the Tipitaka. Judaism originates in Jerusalem but Buddhism originates in India.
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