Thursday, March 21, 2013

Romeo And Juliet

Tragedy Hits Our Beloved Verona Again
With the recent death of Tybalt Capulet and Mercutio Escalus, the city of Verona moldiness endured a nonher terrible death, this measure of Juliet Capulet.

VERONA, ITALY Tragedy has once over again hit the streets of Verona. unless a hardly a(prenominal) days ago, Mercutio Escalus and Tybalt Capulet died from a brawl. Their death had saddened all of us in Verona especially the Capulet and Montague households. Just a few days later, we have found fall out that our dear Juliet Capulet had died. Her death was a mystery to all of us, since in that location are no signs of how she died. Authorities are still nerve-wracking to figure out the reason for her death barely so far there has been no such luck.

A few days before Juliets sudden death, the Capulet household announce that their beloved Juliet was going to be married to genus Paris, the Princes kinsman. Juliet and Paris wedding was suppose to be held on the coming Thursday, at the church, with Friar Lawrence as the pastor.

When Juliet was told by her father that she was to marry Paris, she end up having a row with her father. She had a hard time convincing her father that she was thankful for Paris but non proud. She had also told her father, that she can never be proud of what she hates, but will be thankful even for what she hates, if it is meant to show love.

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In the end, her father put his foot down and told her that she was to marry him or he would disown her as a child and strike forward the Capulet name forever.

While every cardinal was excited for the wedding, it seemed that Juliet was the only one non pleased with her familys decision on an beforehand(predicate) wedding. Juliet was heard quoting this, O sweet mother, cast me not away! Delay this marriage for a month, a week; or if you do not, make the bridal bed in that low-key monument where Tybalt lies.

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