Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Great Decade

The Great Decade
The 1950s was the most important decade in history. It was a great cadence of change, galore(postnominal) events took place during the time period that make it what it was. For example the civil rights movement, the baby boomers, the Korean War, and the threat of communism.
The 1950s was a decade of fads that came and went quickly, a phenomenon that, because of TV, could propagate from coast to coast in a matter of minutes. atomic number 53 of the biggest fads of the decade was the hula hoop. Other popular fads included Frisbees, coonskin caps, and 3D movies. Ameri female genitals teens of the 1950s listen to rock n wrap and wore wild new hairstyles. Thought only a fad, agitate n roll continued on to become unity of the worlds most popular and recognizable music forms.
The 1950s were a period of American pride and honor. Times were great side by side(p) World War II, the postwar economy was thriving and neer have so many people had so much time on their hands. People were in the spending much than and the businessmen found a medium in which they can get their products to the consumers. The television came into be the medium in

communicating to the people. Unlike the radio before it, the television made it contingent to view live events right in ones living room.
Car culture, in 1950, U.S. automakers produced 6.7 million motorcars.

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In 1955, the decade, distributor point year for car production, that figure jumped to 9.2 million cars. (Charles A. Will) more and more people of this time had cars and this sprung up new businesses in car culture as in go in movies theaters, drive in restaurants, and drive in bank Atms. This in addition led to Americans taking more vacations and road trips with their cars. Since the cars were mostly made in America at this time so many Americans had a job working in the factories and getting a steady pay check.
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