Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Nuclear Era

The Nuclear Era:
A remnant of the World state of war II

Like every war ever waged, World war II left its mark upon the creative activity. The legacy of the greatest war ever fought can be debated with respect to almost anything. Lest we block up is a point many have argued. How the sacrifice of those hands will help guarantee peace in our incoming through what we have learned. However, if history has taught us anything it is that man is blasted to repeat the same mistakes. In fact, if anything the war has driven us closer to the apocalypse. As always with boys and their toys, they have to measure and bet who has the biggest rocket. Wartime needs call, today like always, for new technology. The moment that beginning soldier crosses the enemy border, scientists and gunsmiths are set to work, expediting the peacetime effort of excogitate new ways for humans to kill each other. In the war to end all wars, the biggest leap in war machine history since the introduction of gunpowder was made. A leap that held the world at its knees for nearly 50 years, and has and will continued to do so. The Nuclear Era was born.
The possibility of creating a nuclear implement was born with Danish physicist Nils Bohrs model of the atom, whose super make pure center contained massive energy.

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The Germans where the first to experiment with nuclear fission, and successfully divided an atom in 1938. Rumors started to spread and reached among others, the ears of Nils Bohr. Together with Enrico fermi of Italy and Leo Szilard, Hungary, he was determined to convince President Roosevelt and sexual intercourse about the potential power this discovery could yield, and its achievable use against Hitlers Third Reich. What they eventually did was to contacted another noteworthy scientist, Albert Einstein. On August 2 1939, Einstein and Szilard wrote a garner to Roosevelt, warning that extremely powerful bombs of a new causa may thus be constructed and urging America to contribute a part. The letter effectively launched U.S. atomic bomb research.

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