Thursday, March 28, 2013

Us At Beginning Of 20Th Century

Jessan Cherian
Dr. Sheila Jones
Feb 8, 2012.

Many may believe that United States at the descent of 20th century was a nation full of promises deep down the growth of companies, the national standing, and the economy. However, there are many reasons to meet the belief that the United States was a nation full of promises at the beginning of the 20th century such as; the partial and troubling American economy, social/labor issues, and the fight for cleaning ladys rights.
To begin with, the early twentieth century was called the flash age, according to Youngs text, and he says big skillful entrepreneurs homogeneous Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller expanded their companies into big monopolies and were more powerful the administration in Washington. When companies are bigger then government, they can basically decide on prices or do whatever they pauperism with their goods. Distribution of wealth was very bad during this time. These big monopolies operate workers and are given long hours with minimum pay and a lot of hardships. These deeds were justified by these company owners by Social Darwinism. They basically said that they are stronger and fitter than the workers so in the struggle for survival all of this is just fine.

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referable to all these hardships they had to face, they formed workers unions and also they did a various modus operandi of strikes like the Haymarket bombing of 1886 and the strike that miners conducted for 5 months against anthracite sear mine operators etc. Farmers also joined these strikes to promote their interests which were to emend the currency system through the free and unlimited metal money of silver, as well as regulate banks, insurance companies, railroads and telegraph companies.
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