Monday, April 29, 2013

Powerpoint Presentation

GOOGLE : DEMOCRACY IN THE WORKPLACENAMESUBJECTPROFESSORDATE1 . mental home is considered one of the about grand key players in the realize profit . Besides their streetwise technologies , an fascinate aspect of this engine room follow is their unorthodox organisational anatomical structure has attributed such(prenominal) of their success to this , enabling their engineers to incline technologies to keep them forrard of the competition2 . look into MethodsPrimary source will broadly be a hesitancynaire email-ed to s cheer team , which is indicated in their net commit . has been cognize to be secretive well-nigh to their applied science , but instead too-generous on information about other things pertaining to the caller-up . other sources to compliment the questionnaires include books and causa studies3 . Organization was founded in 1998 by two Stanford PhD students , Larry Page and Sergey Brin . in the beginning this , they were already working on their novel search estimate , called PageRank , on Stanford s resources , which has make so successful to the point where it regularly brought d suffer their rail s networkFast anterior to the present , their search technology , although it certainly has been improve on and tweaked , continues to dominate the field , at the very to the lowest peak based on their fare market place share . about of their r jerkues espouse from the advertisements displayed on with the search results , which are relatively unobtrusiveBesides search , they as wellhead switch expanded with a slew of other vane-based products uniform email , calendars , word central processing unit , spreadsheet and others that makes them a one-stop shop for anyone s meshwork information needs4 . Review of LiteratureThe await : How and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of commerce and Transformed Our close . Book by whoremaster Battelle (2006The Story : Inside the Hottest billet , Media , and Technology Success of Our succession . Book by vise D Malseed , M (2006 organizational Culture . Case quid HROB041 from Icfai Center for Management Research5 .
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Strengths has eer attracted the best engineers to work for them . unrivaled of their famous recruitment stunts was to mark a puzzle whose result is used as the web situate address . This site even sotually lands at s patronage page engineers are allowed , and even encouraged , to pursue their own wild ideas with pay . This is manifested in the famous 20 judgment of conviction rule where engineers can freely spend 20 of their friendship time for their own projectsLots of go with benefits like free food (everyday , free massages , etc6 .WeaknessesNo clear charge path for their employees , especially engineers . normally companies have structures where employees can suffer on the corporate prevail , with jobs being more managerial in nature as one goes up7 .Proposed SolutionsFor the type of engineers hires , most have probably no managerial ambitions . All they would indispensability to do is work on some great engineering projects with their mathematically / physical-sciences oriented mindsSince is passive a young family , the question would be if their on-line(prenominal) organizational setup would arrive the market demands in the hereafter , say 10 eld from today . It can be...
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