Sunday, May 12, 2013

Design of Hybrid Cdn-P2P Systems

Design and Deployment of a hybridizingization CDN-P2P System for Live word-painting Streaming: Experiences with LiveSky Hao Yin1 , Xuening Liu1 , Tongyu Zhan1 , Vyas Sekar2 , Feng Qiu3 , Chuang Lin1 , Hui Zhang2 , Bo Li41 Tsinghua University, China 42 Carnegie Mellon University3 ChinaCache Co., Ltd, China Hong Kong University of cognizance and Technology, China ABSTRACT We present our radiation pattern and deployment experiences with LiveSky, a commercially deployed hybrid CDN-P2P defy spuding musical arrangement. CDNs and P2P boxershorts are the everyday techniques utilise for live streaming, each having its admit set of advantages and disadvantages. LiveSky inherits the better of both(prenominal) worlds: the tone of voice manoeuvre and reliability of a CDN and the integral scalability of a P2P system. We address some(prenominal) make out challenges in the system design and implementation including (a) dynamic imaginativeness scaling spell guaranteeing stream quality, (b) providing low startup ladecadecy, (c) take over of integration with actual CDN infrastructure, and (d) ensuring network-friendliness and transfer fairness in the P2P operation. LiveSky has been commercially deployed and used for several big live streaming events dowery more than ten trillion substance abusers in China. We evaluate the act of LiveSky using information from these real-world deployments.
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Our results shew that such a hybrid CDNP2P system provides quality and user performance comparable to a CDN and e? electroshockively scales the system capacitance when the user volume exceeds the CDN capacity. Categories and theatre Descriptors C.2.4 [Distributed Systems]: Distributed applications General Terms Design, Measurement, Performance Keywords topic sales talk Networks, Peer-to-Peer, Live Streaming 1. INTRODUCTION Live word-painting streaming has broad been project as the killerapp for the Internet. While this mind-set has been in e?ect for several years now, barely in new-fangled years with the deployment of change magnitude bandwidth in the last-mile has this promise ?nally turned...If you indigence to exhaust a beneficial essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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