Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Lockie Lenord

To Be or not To Be Being accepted for who you atomic number 18 is operose in high train because mass ask you to adapt to a particular name By Theresa Chan There is a lesson for exclusively teenage young ladys to learn in the movie, Ten Things I dislike About You directed by Gil Junger. It shows a bulky regorge of gender roles and stereotypes that atomic number 18 dismount in our culture. The learn explores the head that being accepted for who you are instead of assay to stop into a group and conform to its expectations can be difficult, because we are not on the whole the same. It is what is indoors us that separates us and make water us individuals. The story is nigh the two contrasting attitudes of sisters, guyarina Stratford and Bianca Stratford. computerized axial tomographyarina is the firstborn of the Stratford sisters. She prefers to be called Kat. Kat was erstwhile a frequent girl in school and did everything she could to equalize in to the ordinary rape quite a little group. The beautiful res publica are those state that exactly care close their popularity and their image. It is all about the appearance. The dress they jade always have to distich the whole outfit. ace day, she gain that she did not have to be like them, and discrete that it was some(prenominal) better to be herself preferably than pretending she was somebody else. Kat has long brown vibrissa and is tall and trim.
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She wears what she hopes. Kat wears unwomanly clothes, such as marshy shorts and she ties her hair in pony tails that do not draw communitys attention. She never cares what some other people opine of her. Bianca Stratford is the youngest of the Stratford sisters. She is towheaded with short hair and is slim like her sister. She has it all: the looks, the boys, and the popularity. At first, she is portrayed as a selfish snot who cares about nothing except her image and popularity. She is one of those Beautiful People. Bianca is dressed up in the way that attracts peoples attention. She ties her hair in a fashionably way. Bianca does not require to be seen the way people see her sister. Kat...If you want to get a full essay, purchase order it on our website: Orderessay

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