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6 Approaches to Psychology Historical Approaches: ______________________________ o Wilhelm Wundt ______________________________ o William James ________________________ Psychology o welt Wertheimer, Wolfgang Kohler, Kurt Koffka 6 Approaches Used without delay: Many ideas taken from past approaches argon seen in the approaches apply today! o Psychoanalytic o Behavioral o Humanistic o Cognitive o Biological o Sociocultural 1. _____________________________ Psychology Sigmund Freud Every individualist personality is the result of your ________________________ We atomic number 18 cesspools of forbidden desires Freudian slip nows psych concentrates on perception, thinking, and retrospection of the unconscious ________________________________ - an involuntary word flip that is said to reveal something youre repressing, hiding, or trying non to talk intimately lesson: profession someone a wide-ranging persons name. Example: In capital of Texas Powers, capital of Texas tries not to talk about the groin Nice to counterspy you.. Uhh, I mean construe you! 2. ________________________________ Psychology John B. Watson, B.F.
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Skinner Views conduct as the product of learning. All behaviour, tear down if it looks like instinct, is the result of __________________________ We are what we have learned and experienced Reinforcement ________________________________ - a reception to a behavior that increases the likelihood that the behavior exit be repeated ? Positive aid _____________________________ (not always good) ? Negative keep ______________________________ (not always bad) LIST AN manakin OF EACH TYPE: 3. ____________________________ Psychology create as a response to _______________________ psychology Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers Views people as...If you motivation to get a bounteous essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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