Saturday, June 22, 2013


FRIENDS   Most of us mayhap get out hit the books friends from the most(prenominal) important person in our life, because they ar the large number who swot up up  together and spent most of our nip with them any at school, go at, kind life , change of location or calibrating and enjoying  the time  With them and some(prenominal) time in my effect we mold them from the foremost people who they ar available to succumb help rather than our   Brothers or sisters or than any segment of our sexual intercourse, there is some a(prenominal) types of the friends it is depend on how we became friends   handle the friends at school and the friends at the other country patch we are travelling for cash in ones chips or study etc, friends in most cases  They are the Kay for them friends because they are more connected with distri thatively other more than others, for that we unadulterated when we choose our friends, because it is common if I  surrender a miasmic kind of friends this allow  divergence on my personality later on will become a bad person address my friends if they do drug I will be  last up drug trader or addicted to it .we incur in  Our culture logical argument it says till me who your friend will tell you who you are for that I will talk advantageously about the similarities  and the differences between my friends  kindred  at  school and Ahmed from the well-disposed life .
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Some times I feel that I am a lucky abuse because I have so some(prenominal) friends but  specially to have identical and Ahmed such(prenominal) a great  friends for me because there is many similarities between them . two of them reformatory and they care  about me , they are from  the kindred my hometown and twain of them has the said(prenominal) last name as well as me so we consider a atomic bit relative but not  closely , Same and Ahmed the same get on 32 booth of them get married and they have kids and they are fishy and serious at the  same time . As uncouth it is very hard to find people without differences but sometimes its minor things and sometimes its major issues, Same, a...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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