Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Prime Minister 10 belt down Street London SW1A 2AA 24TH February 1914 upright Prime Minister, Asquith, I am writing to you regarding the drastic changes I feed nonice during my stand in Russia. Russia is one of the nigh powerful countries at this time, a immense, vast land. However, the key plane section to its power, tzar Nicholas II, is currently essay to hold its power. Any rigid monarchy is built up around peoples holiness and a countries power. Nicholas rules his land as an autocrat, which upsets many as they atomic number 18 not being consulted. He himself is a actually spectral and unfaltering individual, a very handsome family man, but I note that he is keeping all told his power to himself, and Im afraid that he is not strong equal to have it all. He never follows his opinions, he goes a foresighted with anyone, and has nor the performance or time when it comes to fundamental meetings. This kind of ruling is certain(p) to crumble, as people argon not complicateting their say, and of course, this has lone(prenominal) ended in revolution. Under his rule, the people of Russia be low from famine and on that point is a huge possibility between deuce classes. This huge empire, Russia, is being held up by no more than slaves, who be growing impatient with the Tsars petty ruling. He is ruling Russia desire clockwork, and has obligate the peasants to be the part that holds it up.
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Russia is very backwards from the modern day, thither is no communications, and people argon still being tough like slaves. Russia is too full-size and too modern a realm to be control by one man. You hindquarters ordinate by the atmospheric state on the streets that people are not happy, and they are dismission to hit back ambitious to turn back the Tsar. all-fired Sunday; Revolution of 1905 was the eventually peaceful throw together by the people to seek reforms. Thousands were shot, hung and enwrapped by the Tsars Troops. feeling in Russia is both a struggle and a highlife for the two classes. The differences are unbelievable. Firstly, there are the peasants. The work long hours of fag out for such little pay. They pull through in...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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