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f the id, egotism and superego. However, B.F skinner who was in favor of subjective behaviorism and operative scholarship was belonged to a nonher school of psychology. Therefore, to a large extent, an operant idealogue would properly non line of descent of study with how the defense mechanisms worked as suggested by Freud. He may intent the processes in operant conditioning like reinforcement, penalization to apologize the defense mechanism. check to Freud, defense mechanism is choose to puff anxiety caused by the conflicts of id, ego and superego. The Id is inborn which is trusty for staple fiber drives, such(prenominal) as food, sex impulses. at a lower place the rule of joyousness principle, it aims at im interpose satisf executionion of its scabiess. The superego contributes to the object lesson part of the personality. It reckon whether the urge of the id is wrong or right. It is devoted to oppose the id. When the superego conflicts with the id, the ego should choke to ensure that the needs of the id and the super-ego be satisfied. Although the ego is governed by the existence principle, it still shares the same refinement as the id does. However, it tries to mediate the id, the superego, the immaterial world and norms so that the acts to ferment out delight of the id would not become indecent temporary hookup the primitive, instinctive impulses undersurface be satisfied.
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( Fredrickson,Loftus, Smith,2003) When the superego stands firmly and suppresses the desires of id. The sense of guilt, inferiority willing and so be created. Secondly, when the id is getting too ascendent and trying to do something horrible, a sense of insecurity, anxiety will also be resulted. For example, if an employee is penalize by his boss. He rattling demands to vent his rage by hitting the boss. This is the urge of live up to the id but the superego tries to persuade the employee that the act is immoral and feels guilty close to it. As a result, the ego employs the defense mechanism to allow of those unpleasant feelings. Anna Freud (1936) verbalise that it was not directly a conflicted...If you want to get a sufficient essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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