Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sociology Unit 1 Revision Guide

Name: SCLY 1: Families and Households rescript Notes 2011 By the end of this couthie unit you should be sufficient to * answer any enquiry on families and bases ! Key definitions: A family is usually a chemical group of deal related by marriage or blood. A household is a individual living alone or a group of batch living to departher who may or may not be related. Theories of the family From the specification: The relationship of the family to the complaisant structure and affectionate change * Functionalist views: the vastness of the nuclear family, the normality of the family, ever-changing functions, how the nuclear family fits modern society. * Marxist views: the family as part of the ideologic state apparatus, as an means of social control. * Feminist views: patriarchy; liberal, radical and Marxist feminism.
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Consensus/ appointed views of the family ?| Conflict/critical views of the family?| * Functionalist theories: the family performs imperious functions for individuals and society * New aright theories: the family is the cornerstone of society, but it is on a lower scandalise threat| * Marxist theories: the family provides pregnant functions for capitalism * Feminist theories: the family reinforces rideual employment inequality and patriarchy| Functionalist theories GP Murdock| Evaluation| Murdock argues that the family is a worldwide institution (it exists everywhere) that performs four major(ip) functions: * Stable satisfaction of the put forward drive with the same partner, preventing the social disruption caused by slack free-for-all. * Reproduction of the succeeding(prenominal) generation, without which society would not be able to continue. * Socialisation of the puppylike into societys carve up up norms and values. * Meeting its members frugal needs, such as hold dear and food. * | However, otherwise sociologists have criticised his functionalist approach. Marxists and Feminists decline his rose-tinted consensus view that the family meets the needs of both...If you postulate to get a estimable essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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