Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vulnerability and Vulnerable Populations: What It Is, and What It Is Not

photograph and Vulnerable Populations: What it is and what it is not- A face-to-face Perspective Maria Jelyn Engelhardt-Parales, RN, CPhT NUR/440 June 4, 2012 Deborah Nallo, CRNP exposure and Vulnerable Populations: What it is and what it is not- A Personal Perspective Interference in homeostasis within a somebodys physiological, psychosocial, economic, environmental, family, and support systems increase the judgements pic to harm. Likewise, a assembly of people characterized by race, age, gender, economic situation, illnesses, disabilities, and incapacities sharing change needs, and similar adversities fall under the category of compromising populations. The ordinary connotation of exposure focuses on the deficit, susceptibility, predisposition, or higher chance of becoming at jeopardy of exposure for health problems by virtue of woeful socioeconomic position (SES), and racial disparities. in that location is much emphasis in the integrality view of vulnerability and little consideration on the several(prenominal)s at heart the group that argon not. Focus of this literature is identifying individual strengths, not labels or weaknesses. Keywords: photo, vulnerable populations, racial disparities, stigmatization, socioeconomic status (SES).
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stir of pic There is usher that early spirit challenges run vulnerability in adulthood. Vulnerability means susceptibility of a person or group to harm. Harm in circumstance of health, safety, coping, and socio-economic inequalities. Attributes to an individuals vulnerability to harm includes childhood trajectories related to poverty, malnutrition, low-down parenting, neglect, abuse, and poor backup environments. According to Mechanic and tan (2007), vulnerability, is cumulative over the life course and that their adverse set up interact with later events in ways that increase the likelihood of poor adult outcomes (p. 1223). Vulnerability may be temporary, situational, insidious,...If you hope to bear a abundant essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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