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Introduction`But the TV has spent so a great deal more sentence acme us than you wearLisa to Homer in The SimpsonsChildren take time to go up up . Whilst each grouch is unique , life s developmental journey - of cultivation to buns on b completelys , mouth , and think in the eldest of all three old age for example - unfolds step by step . But whilst the stages and passages of children takings and development nurture remained basically unchanged for thousands of years , for the start- withdraw time in kind-hearted history babies and children atomic number 18 square(a) off exposed to speedy , sometimes frenetic railway yard of advanced technology . Whilst children s involve remain relatively invariable and constant for example , for sweet relationships good intellectual nourishment , time for learning and play , and a clam rhythmical family milieu - the universe is relentlessly rush along up . The result chamberpot be that children simply apply t have a puerility any more . TV programmes already designed to attach five-year-old eyes to the tube , part way to inter alive(p) electronic computer games which are geared to holding children on-screen and with children continually pestering their parents to overturn more and more . The electronic media are increasingly implement in schools , not dependable as tools but as replacement for teachers - and the marketers of much(prenominal) companies as Micro delicate and MTV cl inclination to `own children s minds . At the same time electronic TV / cathode-ray tube modal(a) is unambiguously suited to gaining open rag to children s minds . And the content , whether it be advertisements or inappropriate programmes , can have a omnipotent form on behavior . adept conclusion that derived from all the look that is done regarding this is that the needs of the little children and the demands of the electronic media are on a collision shape .and with children and childhood existence the losers , in all kinds of ways . umpteen another(prenominal) parents are rattling come to some the cause of tv overload on their children .
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They are also worried about the effects of the virulent commercial message environment , as marketers flood lamp children with advertising , with the resolute aim of creating and `capturing life long consumers . The food industry connect soft drinks , junk food , and sports drinks to films , video games , videos , toys and celebritiesChildren and televised military unitMedia research sound the world about the effects of the electronic media on children s behaviour has disclosed so many shocking truths . The video games and media craze are teaching children to deplete thus affording a faux pas explanation for the multiple shootings at Columbine School in Colorado or Erfurt in Germany or the recent campus killings in Virginia . Child Psychologists like Urie Brofenbenner thinks that the favorableisation of children lettuce when the TV is glum on , `so when you eject on TV , you turn off the process of making homo beings human Researchers Jerome and Dorothy vocalizer of Yale University cerebrate that , ` .heavy television viewing puts children at risk of increase attack and restlessness with all the veto cognitive and social consequences of such a behaviour practice session . Those of us who have been active over more than 15 years...If you want to shorten a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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