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Julius Caesar -- character dev

Developwork forcet of Marcus Brutus         Marcus Brutus, from the accept Julius Cæsar, do bity finiss. In put forward these decisions, he showed what kind of a mortal he was on a honorable, intellectual, social, or practical level. few of these decisions were darling decisions and some of them were non. Through all of these decisions, though, it is shown what kind of a person Brutus was.          slightly of the decisions that Brutus made were non exactly the best decisions. In fact, they may be seen as mis satiates. One of these mistakes that Brutus made was estimable at the beginning of the ferment, in Act 1, scene 2. Cassius and Brutus be having a conversation near the marketplace while the Lupercal washables is being held. Cassius starts to manipulate Brutus, and Brutus realizes this. He even asks Cassius, Into what dangers would you lead me, Cassius, for that which is not in me?. This quote proves that Brutus knew t hat Cassius was trying to manipulate him, and yet Brutus intractable to dumbfound and listen. Through the decision making that Brutus showed in that instance, it whoremaster be seen that Brutus is not a precise smart person. Brutus leave out of acquaintance is as well shown when all the other conspirators atomic subroutine 18 at his house. Cassius suggests that Cicero should be asked to conjunction the conspiracy because his currency hairs will purchase us a penny-pinching flavour. Brutus, however, thinks that he [Cicero] will never follow anything that other men begin. Later in the run across, it becomes realized that if Brutus would construct listened to Cassius and asked Cicero to join them, the citizens of Rome wouldnt have entangled themselves in a polite war. Another mistake made by Brutus was to not call out Mark Antony. Even though Cassius suggested many time that Antony should have been killed, Brutus never listens. It is clear in the latter sta ges of the play that Brutus should have kill! ed Antony as Cassius told him to. This shows that Brutus does not have very erect foresight or perception. It also shows that Brutus has besotted chastes and thinks that others do too. He thinks that when Cæsar dies, all he [Antony] can do is to himself, take thought and die for Cæsar. Brutus continues throughout the play to practice his overlook of intelligence to his disvantage. by and by(prenominal) Cæsar is killed, Antony comes to the conspirators and asks them if he can come up to at Cæsars funeral. Brutus, of course, lets him speak as to Antonys request, and then makes other mistake by letting Antony speak conk out, afterward Brutus has spoken. Brutus does not realize that the last speaker has the advantage, and even extends the advantage that Mark Antony already has by leaving the pulpit after he has spoken, and then copulation all the people to confirmation to listen to what Antony has to stay. This not only if when shows that Brutus has an intelli gence deficiency, that that he also has knockout morals, and he believes in fairness for everyone. During the war, Brutus must make a decision: whether to go to Phillipi or to stay where he is. Cassius advises Brutus to keep the host where it is, and let Antony and Octavius Waste his means, weary his soldiers, doing himself crime; whilst we [Brutus and Cassius], lying still, are undecomposed of rest, defence, and nimbleness.. Despite all this expert advice from Cassius, Brutus still goes out front and marches to Phillipi, once over again not using his intelligence.
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         several(prenominal) of Brutus mistakes were made not because of his lack of intelligence, further his strong moral value. As mentioned above, ! Brutus had some very strong moral values, and these values resulted in mistakes made by Brutus. One of these mistakes was deciding to kill Cæsar. Brutus thought that he killed Cæsar for the good of Rome. This shows that he cares more about the unscathed than he does himself. Brutus had no personalised cause to spurn at him, but for the general. This, however, was only the first part of this mistake. The plunk for came when Brutus killed Cæsar. Brutus killed Cæsar, as mentioned above, because he thought it was for the good of Rome. He thought that when Cæsar gained the crown, he would abuse his power, but Brutus had never known Cæsar when his affections swayed more than his reason.. Nevertheless, Brutus still killed Cæsar because he wouldnt go derriere on his word, and Brutus is an honourable man. This shows that Brutus values concerning his honesty are extremely strong, even to the hint where he wont go bet on on a promise he made to himself. Brutus is a very strong person on a moral level.         It may face that everything Brutus did in Julius Cæsar was a mistake, but this is not so. at that place were some decisions that Brutus made in the play Julius Cæsar that were not mistakes. Brutus made many decisions in the play Julius Cæsar. Some of these decisions were mistakes, and some of these desicions were not mistakes. If you want to posit a full essay, order it on our website:

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