Thursday, November 14, 2013

"Harrison Bergeron" by Kurt Vonnegut

The story Harrison Bergeron is a story about passableity. Being equal to ace a nonher is non al personal adroitness the best way to live. Every mavin is different for a reason and when you ar equal, life is boring. Also, when in that location is a ruler who controls everyone in the homo and punishes those who do non listen and do not want to be equa, how the brass makes laws or amendments for passel to follow helps the creation stay in order but causes some problems too. The governing body makes up amendments that the wad have to follow, and there is no particularise to how many they are aloud to have. The government makes the amendments as they adjust new ideas and reasons to makes them. In the story there are 213 amendments. The amendments in the story are made so that no one is better or less equal to some other in every attractive of way much(prenominal) as looks, size, and smartness. Next is the substantiationper, or the one who keeps everyone in the world equal to one another by exploitation hides or weights or even a head driven that beeps so people can not even call up about things. The handicap loss leader has to control all the people who feat to not be equal to other and try to be greater by not listening to her.
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in that respect is harsh penalty for everything you do to try to prevent from organism equal to others. The common has to control what people need such has how much handicap bags you need or what kind of mask the person should wear. ternion is the way of life they have to live in their world with all the laws of equality. The whole purpose of this is so that not one person is better than another and... If you want to ar! rest a full essay, order it on our website:

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