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Personality and Personality Theory2008Part IIf I were to arrange a observe for my conversancy and requested to describe the kind of personality that she possesses , I would say : She is nice to speak to beca aim she is extremely matey , lenient , bequeathing to economic aid in times of ingest , passing organized in spite of being so workaholic unspoilt of objectives /ambitions , so calm and gathered even with occurrences of scrub frustrations , down-to-earth individual , bleak to issues which may drop psyche , croupe cope with disagreeable situations and has the ability to suss out her intent (Ticao , 2001Part IIHowever , after studying about personality , as well up as , personality theories , I would be in a better position to describe my friend Understandably , practiced concepts will also become much promin ent in my newlyThe Five Factor Model will be considered as I provide a new of my friend , preferably of stating that she is .friendly , it would be more appropriate to co-ordinated the marches extroversion in it (Ticao , 2001 . Likewise , sort of of stating .gentle , free to help in times of need , I would keep an eye on the technical term conformableness (Ticao , 2001 . Also , sort of of this : extremely organized in spite of being so workaholic , large of objectives /ambitions , I would use conscientiousness (Ticao 2001 . In addition , instead of .
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so calm and poised even through occurrences of engrave frustrations , I will generate the meaning of emotional stablen ess by describing her (Ticao , 2001 . Plus ! nudity will be tackled instead of simply stating this .down-to-earth individual sensitive to issues which may degrade person (Ticao , 2001 . Simply put , I would state that she is an extravert , agreeable , conscientious , emotionally still , and open (Ticao , 2001Furthermore , servicemanistic possibleness which states that human nature tail assembly motivate human beings into actions will also be interpreted into consideration to help understand better what is meant by this : can cope with stressful situations and has the ability to control her life (Ticao , 2001ReferenceTicao , C . J (2001 . basis to Psychology . Q .C : UPOU _ Page PAGE 2...If you call for to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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