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Some pathogens beat disease by elaborating toxins that affect the GI tract . Intoxication is caused by using ups o much(prenominal) a performed toxin nearly intoxications , such(prenominal) as that caused by staphylococcus aureus , ar characterized by a very sudden sort (usually in only a few hours of symptoms of a GI psychological disorder . Fever is less a deal out adept of the symptoms (Stone , et al . 112-113Both infections and intoxications often cause play , which nigh of us have experienced . Severe diarrhea , accompanied by blood or mucus , is called dysentery . Both types of digestive agreement diseases be in like manner br frequently accompanied by abdominal cramps , sickness , and vomitive (see http /digestive-diss .health-cares .net /diarrhea .php . The general term gastroenteritis is applied to diseas es create inflammation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa (Stone , et al . 112-113 . Botulism is a special case of intoxication because the ingestion of the performed toxin affects the nervous system rather than the GI tractIn the developing countries , diarrhea is a major factor in infant mortality . Approximately one in every ten children dies of it beforehand the age of flipper .
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It also affects the absorption of nutrients from their food and adversely affects the growth of the survivors . The cause of diarrhea may be whatever of several organisms . Most are not identified , only if surveys in such countries as Bangladesh indicate that the three most common causes are enterotox igenic E . coli , Shigella spp , and intesti! nal rotaviruses It is estimated that mortality from childishness diarrhea could be halved by oral rehydration therapy (Stone , et al . 112-113 . ideally , this is a dissolver of sodium chloride , potassium chloride , and sodium bicarbonate However , steady a solution of a smattering of table excoriation and a pinch of salt in a cubic decimeter of water has proved to be a very efficacious treatment for diarrheal diseasesReferenceWhat is diarrhea ? Health-cares...If you compliments to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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