Monday, November 11, 2013

expansion of greece

Fernanda Rodriguez Julio Cesar Serrano Oscar Rosales Gustavo Vaquerano HI101 Prof. Alvaro Taboada Expansion of Greece. The ancient Grecians made many important contributions to horse opera Civilization such as in areas of Philosophy, Art, Architecture and Science. These contributions were ameliorate at the fourth century B.C. The fol firsting epitome focuses on this period of the ancient Greece history. Geographical areas and people involve The expansion of Greece is dual-lane up in triad principal(prenominal) areas, which are Asia Minor, Egypt and Macedonia. Most of the lands of these areas were conquered by horse parsley The long with his powerful and well commanded army. gibe to western Civilizations, brief edition, these axes of host and political power, had a common undercoat and in equivalent manner their Greco-Macedonian ruling class. Also, these new cities served not only as garrisons to control the local populations but also as foci of Helle nic culture (Western Civilization, 117). The lands conquered by horse parsley were divided in trio parts because of his death. As a result, his three main commanders divided the mentioned, and each one took an area. I.Egypt The limits of Egypt were Elephantine to the south and the Mediterranean sea to the wedlock.
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Its eastern and western limits were in the high desert on either side of the narrow strip of Nile valley and first gear desert (Carnegie Museum of Natural History). As a result of Alexanders conquers, Ptolemy reign and set up Egypt an independent change land under his rule. He ruled from Alexandria which was the capital of his empire. According to upper-case letter State University, native Egyptians occupied ! the lowest kindly positions, because of Ptolemaic ideals. People develop many innovations such as astronomy, sciences, physics, and the choose of medicine. II.Asia Located at the east of mainland Greece, and at the north of Egypt; Asia, also known as the Near East, was the growing spirit of new-made civilizations. After the death of...If you want to get a ample essay, order it on our website:

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