Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The role that visual artists play in our modern day society

Contemporary Focus Visual Arts Studies ________________________________________ Artists play some(prenominal) important roles in todays society. An creative person uses his tools, whether it is paints, pens, pencils or whatever other median they enjoy and ferret kayoed good to comment on the trends society has formed, an important undefended to the artists such(prenominal) as political stances and views and areas that the artist feel posit to be shown to different areas of society to dumbfound across a message, such as the painting that depict starving children, cobblers last and war. For my canvas I would like to focus on the painters in our newfangled world that create whole caboodle for a circumstance reason, other than the enjoyment of art. Artists may be good at rough drawing pictures on canvas but these pictures often overleap nitty-gritty or have bland outcomes. Few artists at a time are brave enough to step out of the walls of their urban studios to ex plore the vast and mysterious world and the tales it holds. The artists that send on these journeys to countries such as Rwanda, Afghanistan, the Middle East and Iraq lease sentience to societies that have been isolated from the struggles that the populations of these places, plus many more, brass in everyday life. One example of a forward-looking artist who tackles these issues issue on through his outstanding works is George Gittoes.
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Gittoes, born 1949 has demonstrable a practice of visiting the exuberant spots of the world, operative in areas that would normally be silent for journalists and reporters. George gives society a powerful close up to conflicts such as the dearth a nd peacekeeping in Somalia, Ethnic cleaning! in Yugoslavia, de tap after civil wars in Cambodia, Pakistan and Afghanistan and the outbreaks caused by the peace cognitive process in the Middle East. George Gittoes paintings possess an aggressive, but compelling visual... If you want to get a full essay, place it on our website:

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