Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Use Of Non-alphabetic Languages (e.g. Chinese Pictogrraphs) In Information System

Use of non-alphabetic vocabularys (e .g . Chinese pictogrraphs ) in knowledge governanceOne of the tasks of culture stick out in the ne twainrk governing body is the phraseology barrier oddly when entropy exchange is between two ports with different language . Linked with this problem is the difficulty in reading the in make foration transferred , unless the two use the same writing constitution . at present , the effort in universalizing the system of writing or separate down the language had gvirtuoso non much farther that is because even in the information system , the hindrances brought by this problem rotter be clearly seen . There atomic digit 18 a lot of systems of writing around the universe but they sight be categorized either in at least nonpareil of these ternary groups namely , logographic , s yllabary and alphabetic (library . prizequest .org . The first system , the logographic uses a single(a) image to represent a word . The syllabary uses a single symbol to represent a syllable , which can then be combined to form a word . These two systems ar of parking lot use to many countries in Asia such as Japan China and Korea . The last system , the alphabetic , uses percentages or letters as the smallest unit of measurement to form syllables , which then represents a single unit of sound . Of these three , the alphabetic is the easiest to project , mainly because it has less number of calibers than those of the other(a) systems that even has everywhere thousands of symbols (library .thinkquest .org , although this is not necessarily mean that alphabetic is the most stiff and efficient form to be useHaving the good example of system utilize in day to day examine , the said variety is brought to the electronic-based system of communication which is the informati on system . The current information system u! ses mostly the QWERTY spotboard ( HYPERLINK http / house .earthlink .net home .earthlink .net . This fount of keyboard specializes in the use of the alphabetic languages .
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Since alphabetic has unaccompanied around less than 50 pieces including letters and numerals , a unit can be represented in just one key , making it efficient for someone to key in address using the keyboard . On the other hand , system that uses logographic and syllabary such as the Chinese pictographs and the Japanese Katakana and Hiragana cannot slang a single representation for a character since they are using thousands of characters and putting one by one in a single key for a character is not practical and even not an idea to think of . work out this problem , there are two most common approaches in keying in characters or stimulus text for non-alphabetical languages essential and are incorporated in the stock QWERTY keyboard so as to assist non-alphabetical language users to make input signal a small-minded effective . These two are the radical-based regularity and the phonetic-based system on inputs (Hamzah pp . 311-312 . In the radical based method , the standard stokes for a specific language is typed and then mathematical characters possessing the strokes you typed are wide-awake for you and then you select the right character that you are suppositional to input . For example , there...If you want to ca-ca a luxuriant essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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