Thursday, November 14, 2013

What were the economic reasons for collectivisation and was collectivisation an economic success in the 1930s?

Collectivisation is a policy of creating rangyr farms by combining atrophied farms with each other. This way the farmers would farm to puther rather than singly. The reasons for collectivisation were for the soviet agriculture, the fodder was require to have the workers in the cities, NEP (New scotch Policy) was non working for Russia, cash crops were needed. In the 1930s coollectivisation was not an economic success. In 1927 the Soviet agriculture (1) was still old port and it was inefficient. There was no machinery to work with on the farms. The farmer had to pay sickles just to harvest grain and it took alot of time. The farms were too small and they had less(prenominal) animals leave off for the farms that belonged to the Kulaks. Their farms had more animal and they were much begger. But just close to of the peasant farms, they could not grow a lot of food to feed a lot of workers. That is why they had to be merge with other farms it is known according to Reed (3) that the peasants had to raise Russias primary(a) food supplies, numbered about 85 per cent of the whole population. Stalin himself said, agriculture is developing slowly, comrades. This is because we have about 25 million individually owned farms.
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They are the most primitive and undeveloped collection of economy We must do our utmost to develop life-sized farms and to convert them into grain factories for the country organised on a modem scientific basis. (3). He believed himself that, the countrys economy was not in crocked condition and in order for it to change economically for the better, collectivization was the answer. There was food needed for the workers in the citie s.The food needed to feed the workers was to! suppor Stalins Five Year Plan which meant... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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