Friday, December 20, 2013

High Performance Work System

Our world becomes more progressive , innovative , and ch altogetherenging . thusly competitive is tight for both companies and get aters as well(p) . Companies indispensability to be plenteousy equipped with various technologies , current trends and stinting employees . While on the other hand , to beters who wants to stay in their job call for to be armed with tools , their skills and talentsAccording to Nadler , et al (1992 ) the postgraduateer(prenominal) public presentation practise systems (HPWS ) approach to the design of human work organizations , in its simplest form , is an organizational architecture that brings together work , community , applied science , and tuition in a deportment that optimizes the congruence or fit among them in to produce risque performance in terms of the effective response to l eaf node requirements and other environmental demands and opportunitiesThe best alternative for companies wanting to get on with and integrate the organizational technology to transform themselves may be the high-performance work system (HPWS . HPWS may be the 1 approach that focuses on both work and people , as well as on problem-solving and opportunity development . It is a business formula that meets (1 employers of necessity for ever-increasing performance and productivity from employees , and (2 ) employees needs for an environment that provides effective performance support and facilitates their on-the-job eruditeness and continuous performance improvement . Among the in vogue(p) developments in the ontogeny of steering principles and practices , the HPWS concept is an all-encompassing approach that integrates numerous all important(predicate) vigilance innovations capable of improving the performance of today s companies . It incorporates the in vogue(p) and bes t knowledge we catch pertaining to the prod! uctive management of organizations (Pepitone 1995HPWS has 10 core principles .
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Below , is a diagram that shows the contrasting principles of HPWS from hand down organization design (Nadler and Gerstein , 1992Traditional HPWSInternally driven design Customer- and environmentally revolve about design Highly controlled fractionated units Empowered and autonomous units Ambiguous requirements assimilate direction and goals Inspection of errors Control of variance at the number one Technical system dominance Sociotechnical integration Limited knowledge flow Accessible information flow Fractionated , narrow jobs Enriched and dual-lane out jobs despotic and restrictive human resources p ractices Empowering human resources practices Controlling management mental synthesis , handle , and culture Empowering management structure , process , and culture Static designs dependent on old management redesign Capacity to reconfigure Visibly , those companies used HPWS has tell to have an increased quality . Organizations which have implemented HPWS organizations prove high quality in products and services Using the aforementioned(prenominal) technology , companies were able to get same results at decrease cost difference was 40 to 50 percent on a lower floor conventional methods ( HYPERLINK http /www .books24x7 .com /viewer .asp ?bkid 4052 destid 156 \l 156 _parent Nadler , et al , 1992As with the workers , they are internally motivated . Great motivation would allow for for to a more responsible attitude for accomplishment of their work and high levels of ownership are created . Because of this effect this leads to an increased in commitment , discretionary effort , and satisfactionThe increased emphasis on m! ultiple-skill development and worker responsibility leads to greater emphasis on learning and new ideas . This enables workers to look...If you want to get a good essay, order it on our website:

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