Sunday, December 29, 2013

Outline and describe three structural influences on identity

For the first part of this essay I depart hashish out how structural influences shape our identities. The main factors I discombobulate set ar fond household, gender and culture. I go away in addition define the difference between representation and structure and how they in turn affect our identities. Identity is the pertain between the ad hominem and the sociable. i.e. the individuals who take up specific identities and in turn the sociable situations we then find our selves in and the roles we form. social class is utilise to group people of one identity operator to squeezeher. It?s the sorting of people who due to their salaries share putting green economic interests, experiences and lifestyles. The bank line about class is reign by two classifiable traditions of writings of Karl Marx (1818-1883) and Max weber (1864-1920). Although both writers differ in important ways in their understanding of class and golf club both total that class has a bearing on the i dentity that forms from wherever you may be from, a functional class primer coat or a middle class background. Categories that we place ourselves in are dependent on social class, these then orient us a link between incomes, wealth, peoples identity and consequently our behaviour.
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Work related identities are socially acceptable, everybody we meet will compare themselves to us in comparison to what our job is and our income and social class. Gender and the social differences between men and women and how stereotypical these are viewed because gender is a key property of identity. The first read/write head that is asked when a baby is born is whether it?s a male child or a girl. Thi s is used to categorise the child by its ph! ysical characteristics. Freud (cited Grove and Watt p49) concord with this and said that a child?s psycho-sexual development depends on identifying with others of the same... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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