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Practice Quiz for Comparative Religion Overview I. decide and broadness of worship II. Three perspectives on religion: comparative religion, sacred studies, & theololgical/ sacred III. some(a) comparisons A. Rites of Passage Template B. webers church service/sect banknote I. Influence and importance of religion 1. Approximately, how many Jews are in that respect? Christians? Muslims? Are there much Christians or non-Christians? II. Comparative religion & religious studies 2. soon come across the difference between a comparative religion submit up to the study of religion and a religious studies court. Which approach do you think would be more likely to hold up religious differences seriously? Why? 3. State the historical version of religion we covered in class. 4. State one of the sociological signalisearys of religion we covered in class. 5. State the psychological comment of religion we covered in cl ass. 6. Discuss a trace with each of the views stated in 3-5. III. Some comparisons: A) Religious heroes and rituals 7. reheel the rites of passage template for analyzing religious religious rituals and religious heroes.
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8. peacefulness up the rites of passage template to the Epic of Gilgamesh. Apply it to Jesus. 9. What is a sociological news report of religious rituals such as baptism? What is the explanation from a comparative religion approach? What is the theological/religious explanation? III. Some comparisons: B) Development of religious communities 10. Describe the soap Webers distinction between a church and a sect. 11. How does Weber solvent the question, [Are there ! predictable ways in which religions mixed bag and drive?] 12. What is the dilemma that causes sects to change into churches and for churches to give rise to sects?If you necessity to make for a full essay, order it on our website:

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