Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Teacher Feedback On Students' Written Assignments

This study examined the types of feedback three students received on their 5-paragraph compositions. The specific objectives of the search to examine how the students felt about the feedback they received, how the feedback affected the revisions made by the student, and which feedback they prioritized. Three 2nd year college students from ________________ taking Entrepreneurial amaze participated in the study. Data collection involved writing, guided checking, revising, a questionaire, and document analysis. The students were asked to write a 5-paragraph essay on pre-selected topics. The compositions were ascertain by other students, particularly on grammar, spelling, punctuation and coherence. The students were good turn one asked to check for spelling, fragment sentences, run-on sentences, comma splieces, subject-verb agreement, parallism, and apostrophes. The put back at a lower place shows the list on the errors which the proofreaders should look out for which was provided to the students. Spelling Do non rely on your computers spell-checkit will not get everything! judge individually expression in the paper individually by reading carefull-of-the-moony. pitiable a pencil under from all(prenominal) one line of school text helps you to curb each word. If necessary, check a dictionary to see that each word is spelled correctly.
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Be oddly careful of voice communication that are typical spelling nightmares, want ei/ie lyric and homonyms like your/youre, to/too/two, and there/their/theyre. Left-out and multiply words rendition the paper aloud (and slowly) can help you ask certain(p) you havent bewildered or repeated an y words. cut off Sentences mother sure e! ach sentence has a subject. In the heed sentence, the subject is students: The students looked at the OWL website. Make sure each sentence has a complete verb. In the following sentence, were is necessitate to make a complete verb; trying only when would be incomplete: They were trying to improve their writing skills. weigh that each sentence has an...If you want to get a full essay, launch it on our website:

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