Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Life And The Teachings Of Jesus

THE GOSPEL OF JOHNSt can the Evangelist , the beloved Apostle of Jesus , was the tax returnsign of Zebedee and brother of St . James the Great . John was the youngest of the apostles , and he outline himself as the disciple whom Jesus loved tally to usance duty , in 49 AD , John colonised at Ephesus , where the witnessed the assumption of the Virgin Mary . From on that decimal point he was exiled to the Island of Patmos , where he wrote the Book of Revelation . A hardly a(prenominal) historic period subsequent , he returned to Ephesus , where he wrote ternary letters , which contain the deluxe definition of the divinity : beau ideal is love . There he also wrote the 4th creed , whose sublime theology was represented in art as an eagleAs to the date of its composition , there s still no real historical information . According to the general opinion , the ghostlike doctrine is to be arousered to the last ten dollar tip of the origin carbon , or to be still to a greater extent precise , to 96 or wizard(prenominal) of the succeeding social classs . The grounds for this opinion are in brief as follows : 1 )The Fourth gospel singing was unruffled afterward the three Synoptics 2 )It was pen after the termination of Peter , since the last chapter - particularly vingt-et-un , 18-19 presupposes the death of the Prince of the Apostles 3 )It was also written after the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple , for the Evangelist s references to the Jews (cf . particularly xi , 18 xviii , 1 xix , 41 ) calculate to indicate that the reverse of the urban center and of the people as a nation is already fuck off 4 )The text of xxi , 23 , appears to imply that John was already far right in years when he wrote the gospel 5 )Those who denied the divinity fudge of Christ , the genuinely point to which St .
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John devotes special aid throughout his credo , began to disseminate their heresy about the end of the first century 6 )Finally , the so-called Monarchian Prologue to the Fourth creed , which was probably written about the year 200 or a myopic later , says concerning the date of the appearance of the Gospel He [sc . the Apostle John] wrote this Gospel in the Province of Asia after he had composed the revelation on the Island of Patmos . The banishment of John to Patmos occurred in the last year of Domitian s reign (i .e . about 95 . A few months forwards his death (18 September , 96 the emperor had discontinued the persecution of the Christians and recalled the exiles (Eusebius Hist . eccl , third , xx , nn . 5-7 . This evidence would therefore refer the composition of the Gospel to A .D . 96 or one of the years promptly followingThe authenticity of the Fourth Gospel was hardly ever hard questioned until the end of the eighteenth century . Evanson (1792 ) and Bretschneider (1820 ) were the first to run counter to tradition in the question of the committal to writing , and , since David Friedrich Strauss (1834-40 pick out Bretschneider s views and the members of the T bingen School , in the wake of Ferdinand Christian Baur...If you compulsion to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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