Friday, January 31, 2014

Design & Liberal Art

NameInstructorClassDateQuestion : During essaying your major(ip) (Design , does student cont complete to study boastful humanistic discipline ? If `yes` , to which subjectsBefore I will answer this question , I should have a short presentation of what unsubtle humanistic discipline is so that it will justify my answer afterwards The end point liberal arts come from the Latin artes liberals , means the high arts , which in Roman times save emancipate men (liberi ) were permitted to study . During the Middle Ages seven subjects were call uped to raise up the liberal arts - the trivium , consisting of grammar , logic , and rhetoric and the quadrivium , consisting of arithmetical , geometry , astronomy , and musicSince I already arrest a accentuate of what better-looking Arts is my answer for this question is yes . It is great to study Liberal Arts specifically in arts , philosophy , economic science , sociology , arithmetic and languages while I am taking my major in Design because these subjects are co-ordinated with my major . wherefore ? Because the fleshs I will make should be reflected on them and it involves close to measurements when I design roughlything . I should memorize how to do arithmetic because it will help me make some arrangement of the sundry(a) parts that make up an object or a setting . A design is either monotone (having tip and width as in a muster , or three-dimensional (height , width , and depth , as in mold . Design is base largely on trusted elements and principles which beneath the subject of philosophy . Many elements and principles are employ by an artist , and they have various names . The almost important elements are (1 ) line (2 ) color (3 ) value (4 ) food grain (5 ) spot , and (6 ) volume . They are used according to some(prenominal) pri nciples (1 ) bicycle (2 ) balance (3 ) emph! asis (4 ) harmony , or proportionPeople consider design in selecting the clothes they wear and in place furniture room and these are under sociology and languages The bring in of painters , sculptures , photographers , architects , inside decorators , silversmiths , and otherwise others engaged in the visual arts is based on knowledge of design . In industry , for example , the condition must consider such practical matters as the businesslike operation and durability of a harvest-home as rise as its appearance . In addition , I need to market my designs so I should know and mulct to the highest degree economicsI believe that a liberal arts broadcast potentiometer be a complete education in itself or may serve as a flat coat for modernistic or professional study at the grade level . In the first two long time of undergrad school , a liberal arts student studies a commodious range of subjects . In his last two years he concentrates on one field - his major - provid ed usually takes other subjects as wellAs a conclusion , in trustworthy sense , most designers specifically the industrial designers work ion articles make in mass production such as refrigerators , television set sets , and automobiles . The designer job is to make the product efficient and to give it some attractive feature that distinguishes it from competing products . In a refrigerator , for example , the feature may be a shelf...If you indigence to get a full essay, entrap it on our website:

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