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Running Head : Moral PhilosophyMoral PhilosophyNameCollege /UniversityProfessor /InstructorSubjectAbstractMoral ism is the branch of philosophy that studies the justification behind a certain friendship considers as good or bad . Some of the concepts under blameless philosophy ar the Social Contract Theory , the of negociate , Natural Law and Virtue Theory Explain the refilling principles of the Social Contract Theory . Describe the main arguments both(prenominal) for and against it . What do you see as its strengths and weaknessesThe mixer arrive scheme served as the antithesis to the medieval scheme of the heaven-sent right of kings . about solely early obligingizations regarded the king as a hallowed mortal whose authority to rule was bestowed upon him by God . The social pledge guess contradicted this philo sophy by arguing that civil giving medication is an entity purely of this world and non some topic instituted by divine authority . Furthermore , it is the result of a consume amidst the government and the governed . The government derives its clout from its constituents and not from God (Russell , 2004In the stern setting of good philosophy , the social contract theory equates honorableity with the contract between the government and the governed Everything that is stipulated in this contract is considered moral and should be respected . Laws , for instance , are moral because they are legal . Although a premium is placed on private freedom , this freedom can only be exercised inside the bounds of the contract (Russell , 2004 .British philosopher Thomas Hobbes is known as the kick downstairs of the social contract theory . He believed that a political force - the government or the autonomous - was the only thing that can keep society constitutional . Without the gover nment , society will return to its original ! pell-mell earth (state of disposition .
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Government must in that respectfore be commanding - there should be no interference with its cause , no rights against it and no limits on it (Kain , 1993Hobbes further elaborated on these arguments of his in Leviathan (1651 . He wrote that there was no such thing as absolute good and evil - human beings were dictated only by their lusts and desires . In the state of nature , large number will exhort , steal and kill to satisfy their single lusts and desires . This led Hobbes to quit that human life in the state of nature was cheating(a) , brutish and short (Cross , 2005To prevent more military force , a government (the Leviathan ) must be formed . subduedness to this higher(prenominal) authority translates to peace and security at the expense of the big businessman to carry out revenge and to pursue individual lusts and desires . The Leviathan is bear to mete out harsh punishments for crime and increase the destiny of restoreting caught in to discourage people from wrongdoing . If hook and murder are penalized with execution , people will not even think about stealing and or neaten just to increase their property or to settle an sure-enough(a) stew (Cross , 2005The first advantage of the social contract theory is that it promotes morally binding rules that are necessary for harmonious social...If you call for to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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