Friday, January 24, 2014


Leah Bailey 8/18/11 English 10H Alice from Alice in Wonderland A case I rear end say that I could re all in ally secernate with is Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I am able to identify with her in truth easily. She and I argon alike in many both(prenominal)oneal manners. Alice is a in truth complex character who can non project to keep her extinct of trouble. No issue what she does, shes incessantly finding her ego in a federal agency that is non easily gotten bug out of. Alice and I are alike in the ways that we are in truth curious, stubborn, and emotional. However, she does non let things hold her back. Her curiosity and stubbornness curb her emotional perfume and tell her to keep going. So she carries on no matter how hard it removes. Alice is non really the about stable person you could think of. Shes actually very unstable. Its non hard for Alice to lose control. She may desex so queer that her head will turn violent and she might calamit y up like a balloon. She may just generate so upset that she has nothing left field to do hardly cry. This is how I am also you never when I may blow up and lose all self control. Alice, being curious as she is, is forever do some kind of mischief. Alice wanders off and doesnt think to begin with she acts. Its a habit of mine also I can say. It seems like all looseness until something goes wrong and the situation is in all flipped. Alice and I just cant seem to chit away from trouble. We both like to keep things fun, exciting, and new. Alice, in no way is a shy person. Shes affectionate and throw to everyone who comes around. Alice and I both try to be friends with everyone. essay not to be rude or unnecessarily stiff is not something I try to do. Its just not fun to have enemies. Alice and I know that and we try our hardest to be seemly to everyone no matter how strange they may be. Alice and I are alike in many ways. We are both curious, stubborn, thus fa r friendly emotional wreaks. We both have ou! r problems but always end up finding the right way out of whatever situation we may be dealing...If you regard to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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