Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Peter Pan Stereotypes

When I think about racism, prejudice, or the stereotyping of cultures and people, I cannot give birth but think of Walt Disney icons. I love Disney movies, but many another(prenominal) a(prenominal) of them argon controversial and argon terrible about stereotyping heathenish/racial groups of people. One of my best friends, heather, is a homegrown American. When we go to Franklin College together, a conversation came up about Disney movies and tear knock down though we were twenty- angiotensin-converting enzyme years old we still love these movies. However, burbot brought up that she cannot stand the movie Peter genus Pan. I was affect and asked her why. She got offended and said beca example it portrayed immanent Americans as displeasing and stupid with big noses. I whole forgot about the Indians in Peter Pan until Heather reminded me how they are incorrectly portrayed. Thus, when this media draw got presented in class, I immediately apprehension of the conversa tion Heather and I had three years past about the native Australian Americans in Peter Pan. Therefore, I approximation it would be a great opportunity to revisit this movie and actually get a line what Heather was lecture about. In the Walt Disney version of Peter Pan the representation of homegrown Americans is an inaccurate version of their culture. The Native Americans are displayed as wild, violent and speak in a stereotypical way.
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For example, the characters in the movie often called the Native Americans savages. At one eyeshade Captain Hook refers to them as redskins. John, Michael, and the helpless Boys hunt the Native Americans ilk animals and refer to them as lions and bears. Michael even calls the Indians s! avages and unintelligent. In one part of the movie the lost boys, John, and Michael are yelling and playing like the Indians and Wendy even says do you involve to act like savages forever? Also, the Indians talked slowly and did not use complete sentences when talking. Overall, Disney falsely represented Native Americans and it is offensive. Moreover, the song What make the Red while Red? is highly...If you want to get a full essay, guild it on our website:

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