Monday, January 27, 2014

Poetry Notes on how to analyze poetry and analysis of famous poems.

English Poetry Notes         3 Pillars of Poetry ?         Appreciation - c over - enjoyment / disport (provocative - interest & vitamin A; evocative - emotion) ?          abridgment - process ?         Interpretation (changing) - product         Themes = ghost (authors attitude to subject)         process (learn) vs. Product (mark)         Snake (10) ?         Judge others by what you learn         Lets non be unjust upon others ?         Cant do something until it has its back turned ?          come-on         We sack out something is wrong, but we still do it         Cant drop dead the cycle         To a modify Lady find oneselfn from a check into (13) ?         Reflection: isolation & group A; alone         Lonely         Judgemental ?          Trundling finished bread and butter         Maybe you arent the conductor? ?         Passing by life with tunnel vision ?         Shielded?         The street not taken (21) ?         Seasons          outflow = birth & rebirth         summertime = youth & adult          descent = middle-age / retirement          spend = death ?         Extended metaphor: fork in the road ?          set up a decision         You ordain neer come back and re make the decision         Dont over think, youll make many         Ozymandias (25) ?         3 speakers: writer (inn/ stuff in italy / swiss), story teller, ozymandias ?         S-sounds = desert wind ?         Hand = sculptor (synecdoche) ?          live of poem = pulls out of mo untain chain         Cacophony! & euphemism ?          violence = 2 syllable & 1 syllable (causes anticipation) ?         Tyrant (cold command)         Sarcasm & irony         Sneering         magazine & nature ?         Aprocal image (anything can happen) - arrogance ?         Warning to ego         Dover lip (130) ?         Wedding Night         The world is empty ?         We need something to hold the vacuum ?         (love...?) we are raw(a) (nothing) without faith ?         English Beach ?         sprightliness / Humans = a tide         We can only if see the ebb ?         Bad things (the decline.. when it goes away) ?         But one day it pass on come back         A valediction:... If you want to lounge arou nd a full essay, order it on our website:

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