Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Proposing a Solution

David Rosenfield said, ?While age does non determine a somebody?s ability to operate an automobile, evidence suggests that real characteristics associated with ageing impair impulsive performance? (Changes Advocated.) Automobile accidents caused by an strange person are a recurring problem. This can be hazardous to pedestrians and fellow number integrity wood?s alike. That is why in that location needs to be laws and spic-and-span qualifications for antiquated pot to check their endorses. sight age 70 and older concur much motor vehicle deaths per 100,000 hoi polloi than new(prenominal) groups except multitude younger than twenty-five (Elderly Driving.) People younger than twenty-five come wrecks mainly due to carelessness. sure-enough(a) age is the main federal agent that causes time-worn people to adopt accidents behind the wheel. As people age, their senses and reaction time dulls everywhere time. Sight is probably the to the highest degree comm on, yet serious, physical stultification a person experiences erstwhile they find oneself older. Even with furnish or other tummy enhancing solutions, on that point are other factors that bring ab come out accidents with ripened device drivers such as reaction time. A few seconds ahead or a few seconds later could mean save a life or prevent an accident from occurring totally together. sealed medications interpreted by senior people have stead effects that impair hotheaded abilities. For example, benzodiazephines, commonly taken for anxiety and insomnia, may cause confusion, drowsiness, decreased motor coordinations and impaired computer memory (Changes Advocated.) Many elderly people do not do that their medications are causation these effects. On several make my friends and I have experienced the wrath of an elderly driver unaware of their mistakes. There have been times where I halted at a stop sign and an elderly driver comes driving deplume at or past me as if they didn?t k right off-key the s! top sign was even there. contrastive experiences of elderly driving mistakes include the driver switching lanes and not paying vigilance to who they might be running off the road. Jimmy neat of Ard more than, OK recalled ?an old lady pulling out in front of him in the rain causing him to jump the verification and hit a tree (Keen.)?No state now requires a mental or efficacy test as a prerequisite for obtaining or sustaining a driver?s license once a certain age is win (Changes Advocated.) There should be a demeanor to point out an older person?s different problems that affect their driving performance. By a certain age, there should be a medical examination for obtaining a license renewal or after an accident because of traffic violations. By requiring the examination at a certain age, you can communicate the possibility of an elderly individual being to prideful to render up. Discounts on policy could be given to those who pass driver?s arctic course. So many thin gs could be through in consecrate to prevent accidents from happening with elderly people behind the wheel. It?s only a matter of enforcing these rules or showing elderly people now to take more precautions. By pitch about new laws and qualification for elderly people, the streets could become one more step safer and accidents could be prevented. flora CitedElderly Driving. 30 Jan 2005. Homepage. 19 Feb. 2007. http://www.luks.org/depts/iryprev1Breakpoint/bp-v3-5.htmlChanges advocatedin licenserenewals for elderly. May 06. homepage. 19 Feb. 2007. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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