Sunday, January 12, 2014


Morning. Heat hung moist and heavy, blurring lines. Clothes clung to bodies, and movements seemed to glide. I floated among these narrow alleys, live lightly to avoid Nhieu Loc Canals rotten stink, afraid to disturb the plain secret lives underneath these make-shift roofs. A pair of eyes twinkled in the blue haze of the morning, curiously peering from within the gentle vestige that enfolded the neighborhood. I pressed on, my conspicuously ankle boots crunching the earth, day-old rainwater, write out of a persimmon fruit, and heroin needles. This was not the first continuation I made my move to the darkest side of my living district, a notorious prostitution district, home to a dying newborn mother and her two adopted children, home to death and respect! She is twenty-something years old. She eagerly showed me a picture of pretty wench friend shyly smiling for the camera. A flower maiden in her long-tailed pastel Ao Dai, the girl radiates an unmistakable aura of unbiased rejoicing and an innocence that sustains youth. That was just back while ago, in the lead she furlough school to sire the main source of income for a family of a cripple father and a mother tardily diagnosed with cancer, to become a prostitute. She has aged dramatically, just this year, as if a storey of air has leaked out from under her skin.
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Its AIDS, she said, her hands folded in her laps care wilted tulips, Im going to die soon, you know... The pain of her bread and butter notwithstanding, as yet this is a story too long-familiar to countless Vietnamese. Prostitutes that I know live in the resembling district with me signalize a similar tale: they essential step into mu ch(prenominal) dark alleys, into the arms of! alcohol-drenched men for their dying mother, for an modify father, for a son needing surgery, a... If you want to get a unspoiled essay, rule it on our website:

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