Saturday, January 4, 2014

Song Analysis Example

The Ugly Road to the Pot of Gold at the drive out of the Rainbow Marxism deals with class differences and ultimately bemuses the question, whom does the wee-wee benefit? When analyzing a figure of speech of literature, one of the questions a Marxist critic might anticipate would be, what implications and complications of the capitalist system can be seen in this spring (Brizee, Tompkins)? In our society, the judgement that we should want material wealth is natural in us from an early age. However, what is the consequence of this report? The Dutch humanist De brassrius Erasmus once said, Great eagerness in the interest group of wealth, pleasure, or honor, cannot exist without sin (Thinkexist). The Regina Spektor song, Consequence of Sound supports this idea and suggests that our pursuit of wealth leads us to ignore social issues which we ar afraid to confront. This is seen by our aversion to listen to those in need, our pretension towards the idea of fighting for a cause and our indifference towards the solution of our race for profits. On our road to riches, we sometimes put ourselves freshman before those more in need of our jockstrap.
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This can be seen in the second stanza of this song as Spektor sings, Kids screaming from stock-still much beat up / And they dont sluice rhyme / They just stand in that location, on a alley corner / Skin tucked in / And meat status out and shout (Spektor 21-26). She seems to be implying that abused kids, possibly representing those from a lower class, ar desperate for athletic supporter til now their manner of speaking (which do not fifty-fifty rhyme) are ineffe ctive. In fact, their pleas for sustain o! nly lead them to be opened to further prostitute since they are forced into a unguarded position. Instead of help being given, the only reaction is And Id handle to turn them down / But there aint no knob (Spektor 27-28). This shows that there is discomfort in addressing the problems face by these kids. No one wants to help or even listen and would rather they just unbroken silent. After all, facial expression at it from one...If you want to get a full essay, prepare it on our website:

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