Friday, January 10, 2014

The Immortals

The unceasings Were the immortals re wholey immortal? The Persian Immortals were a Persian selected violet Guard active during the Achaemenid Period. Much of our information close the Immortals is from the depictions of the Greek historian Herodotus during the Persian Wars. He first mentions the Immortal host in his description of the battle of Thermoplyae (480 BCE), where he calls them the Athanatoi or the go Thousand. He describes them as :a body of picked Persians under the lead of Hydarnes. This corps was known as the Immortals, because it was invariably unbroken up to strength; if a man was killed or throw send off sick, the vacancy he left was at once filled, so that the total strength of the corps was neer less -and never more- than ten thousand. Of all the serviceman in Persian army, the early Persians were not only the best but also the near(a) magnificently equipped; their dress and armor, but I should take in that every man glittered with the gold whi ch he carried just about his person in unlimited quantity. They were accompanied, moreover, by covered carriages honorable of their women and servants, all elaborately fitted out. Special food, separate from that of the rest of the army, was brought along for them on dromedaries and mules. Its been said that the regiment accepted only median(prenominal) or Persian applicants.
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About the uniform and the equipment of the Immortals Herodotus mentioned that:The dress of these troops consisted of the tiara, or soft felt cap, embroidered tunic with sleeves, a surface of institutionalise looking like the scales of a fish, and trousers; for arms they carried baseless wickerwork shields, qu ivers slung below them, compact spears, pow! erful bows with cane arrows, and short swords vacillation from belts beside the right thigh. Herodotus mentions that in the Thermoplylae these corps played a major role. The Greeks had blocked a narrow road along the soaring and prevented the Persians from invading Greece. The Immortals however, made a detour and attacked the Greeks at the rear. The...If you emergency to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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