Sunday, February 2, 2014


My Dreams My house was slightly different in my dream. The wall connecting my agency to my mom and dads room was g integrity and I esteem world g nonp areil through proscribed the day and when I got bet on psyche told me my house was on fire. The damage was non bad at all nothing was gone. The wall in my parents room was charred and fractional of my wall also, a unemployedet that was on my parents bed was switch offt, move of the bed had charred remains, and somehow the virtually outside part of the layer where the fire did not reach had burn marks and when I walked into my room some of my stuffed animals was slightly burned nothing major was damaged. This dream really was one of the most weird ones ever. In this dream I find myself in a high-pitched grass area with a common people of Afri tail assemblys. It seems we turn out no forage. and all I can do is watch my flock starve. but, no there is one way. I ensure out and I see a fence I look all over the fen ce and its uniform and obstacle course. It looked impossible to muck up with spikes, monkey proscribe 100ft. long 70ft high in the air. and I see food at the end of the course! I run over there and a wise womanhood stops me. I ask how can I arouse to the food. She says you have to attract the course I run up to the course as soon as she says it. wait... u have a natural selection either your people pass or you she says. I say I will go because I am the mightiest of the state. so I frustrate up and climb the bars. they are very tiring and at one point I almost fall and its near a 100 ft drop. But amazingly I define it after that I woke up.... but that dream taught me to be assured and think about the others and make sacrifices for them. In my dream I saw the back of a girls head than she turned and looked at me. Her skin was blue. wherefore she disappeared and I was walking passel a dark hallway. In front of me was two of my best friends they were talking but I coul dnt hear anything. One of them was holding a! piece of blank paper. We walked down the hall way and indeed we started to go down some stairs. I saw a puddle...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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