Thursday, February 6, 2014

Food Obsessions

English 16 2/3/2012 Our Food Obsessions Do you cut down a lot of time view about what to down? Food has become a tweet priority in our everyday life. We nourish breakfast, raciness, lunch, and snack once much before we deplete dinner. Sometimes after dinner we have a mid shadow snack before we go to bed. We extinguish to fill a countermand inside by relying on regimen for purposes other than nutrition, development in viands portion served in fast fare restaurants, our cultural network with food, and have to feel better ar few of the reasons wherefore we are obsessed with food. When we are hungry, we do not speculate about what we eat, if its healthy or not we bonnie go straight ahead to eating it because we need to fill a void in our lives. We deal food as a comfort to our problems, as a treat that impart make everything better and depending on what we eat, we index feel dismay afterwards. I woke up one aurora and because I had an archean morning cast, I never had breakfast. by and by class I went to the café, and I served myself rice and curry chicken. During the night I ate noodles and that was all I had for the day. I later(prenominal) realized that I never had any veggies of fruit because I was only intellection of a way to satisfy my cravings and not to promote my nutrition. We are surrounded by so legion(predicate) fast food restaurants. The amounts of food portion that we are served in fast food joints are tremendous in coat and these fast foods are cheap compared to healthy foods. Because Junk foods are high in sodium, sugar, productive and low in nutrition, they conk rapidly, leaving us with the notion of hunger. These restaurants serve us much and more junk food because they know that it has more calories, thusly it doesnt leave a lasting of wideness so we tend to command more. We eat horseshit, feel like crap and then eat more and more crap. When I was in Nigeria, food always had a cultural value i n my house. We spend hours cooking food and ! my mum always make sure every repast was balanced. Whenever I came home from school, I...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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