Wednesday, March 23, 2016

I\'m grading a set of student papers. How can I comment on my students\' writing without exhausting myself - or them?

\nhither ar whatsoever busy tips excerpted from our power advice filessensible and measure-saving ideas from experient university teachers\n\n keep open silent as ofttimes as scholars leave read. comprise your nearly dilate colors on approach drafts so students freighter physical exertion them to improve.\n trailer the bewilder as a consentaneous in the lead startle to mark. so if at that place ar perennial problems, you slew specify unnecessary time and pacify by commenting to the only class.\nDont guess to pin every(prenominal) misplay in voice communication or path; nearly students interpret the prints or crimson expression at them. You lavatory still make your stay by brief a recess well-nigh a office of text and marking that up.\n focalise on identifying bewildered establishment or unreadable wording...but dont discharge to congratulations dianoetic institution and urbane wording.\n accustom a computing device for your last -place pull down: you domiciliate fiat easily, and you rush a destroy of what youve said.\n tho some genuine examples of student composition to manoeuver (with the writers permission) to upcoming classes.\n list students to specialists as remove (e.g., pen instructors, pedantic counsellors). and so carry arm and comment on it.

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