Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Social Media and the Nursing Profession - Advantages and Disadvantages

In todays terra firma of technology, nearly every(prenominal) piece of information we tonicity for is available at our fingertips. Google is our parvenue best friend. But how does this tending defys? Does it help at solely? Is it advantageous or is it minus? I will aim that mend technology toilette be seen to select both advantageous and disadvantageous elements to it, boilers suit the advantages would by far preponderate the disadvantages and that nurses should be encouraged to amply embrace this technological world within responsible guidelines.\nA major disadvantage plant to the avail major power of technology to nurses is that of animal magnetism, (nursing worry, 2013), a device may fit or vibrate while the nurse is attending to a task and the sound/ shaking of that technological device has the latent to deviate the attention of the nurse to the task at hand, this distraction may affect the medicinal drug that is being administered, the wrong pane of medicat ion being administered or a general wish of attention to the duty at hand. The effects of such mistakes to the forbearing and their families could be devastating and surely has the potential to be fatal. and on that point are coercive advantages to the use of affectionate media in nursing, immediate access to early(a) colleagues both locally and internationally, exigent access to information and the ability to send photographs of wounds for wound management advice, which would be particularly expedient for nurses who are employed in rural areas of Australia or on communities where access to medical companionship is limited (Nursing Management, 2013).\nWhile there is currently no decree in regards to the use of social media by nurses, The Nursing and obstetrics Board of Australia do have an information sheet on the use of such media, seeing it covered by the avocation; The Code of lord sway for Nurses in Australia (2008), and The Code for Professional Conduct for Midw ives in Australia (2008), states cardinal conduct stat... If you want to subscribe to a full essay, outrank it on our website:

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