Sunday, January 8, 2017

The Double Bind of Virginity

Some people take over that when a cleaning lady loses her virginity, in that location is a change that makes her somehow different, less innocent. But is at that place really? Of course non. It is zilch to a greater extent than a doubly bind, a lose-lose situation, that has been used against wo custody for centuries to curb them under a male-dominated society. Women who appease virgins ar tagged as prudes while arouseually ready women are labelled as sluts. However, dont be fooled. It is non just men throwing these enounces around: it is women too, mayhap even more gratingly than men. The stigma behind the word virginity needs to change. Virginity is nothing still an outdated concept that should not be used as a description of a person for unrivalled dim-witted reason: societys hinge upon-life has changed.\nVirginity used to be more than just whether or not a woman had sex. It correlated directly with how innocent and fine she was. Back when women could not follo w out of their own unfreeze will, men paid a luck to the father of the miss they intended to marry, signifying a permute of property. Many factors went into the amount of the part such as amicable class, attractiveness, and potential gains, but angiotensin converting enzyme of the most important factors was whether or not the girl has had sex before. If a woman did not engage in pre-marital sex, she was pure, innocent, and charge a lot. If a woman was not a virgin, she was labelled as damaged goods and the dowry her father received for her draw in marriage was importantly less. This is not the case anymore. fellowship has evolved and women have evolved with it. For the most part, women in America are independent. They find out to decide what they do with their bodies and who they do it with. But, with this power over ones own organic structure came something: the double bind. Women can no longer pronounce their sex life without some impress of judgment. Whether it comes from men, women, or anything in between, women are judged on their sex life. Desp...

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