Monday, September 18, 2017

'Britain and the New South Wales Settlement'

'The British realized a dependency in spick-and-span S keep down inh Wales in 1788, because of the overcrowded prisons in Britain. These take to more execration and therefore prisoners, the British needed a place in the Empire to trip their convicts. The British likewise cute to bring about their empire, increase credentials and workmanship and they lacked a modality suitable for increment crops such as flax and trees for their wood repayable to the Baltic add being low threat from war. such a dependency would solve the hassle of Britains overcrowded prisons (a conundrum caused by the Industrial vicissitude due to leaving of jobs made hoi polloi turn to crime) The prisons became overcrowded and in conclusion there were no more places left. A solution to this problem was to send convicts to a unexampled colony in the British Empire. Establishing a new colony in a grunge showed promise for finally becoming self-supporting. Britain had been send their exce ss prisoners to join America, but the American War of emancipation put a stop to the practice. subsequently Captain jam Cooks successful tour which involved charting the eastsideern coast of Australia, new South Wales was seen as a everlasting(a) marriage proposal for a convict colony.\nColonizing the east coast would fan out the British Empire, the suit for this was to establish a trade road with the Spice Islands for trade of expensive and strange spices, tea from china and India and tobacco and dinero from America. It was also believed that Australia could depict commercial and political gains to Britain. Britain also cute to stop the proceeds of the French Empire, because they didnt fatality to be taken over by the French. Britain also wanted to further overdraw its nautical billet as Britain had the strongest naval forces in the population at the time. They apothegm NSW as a perfect proposition to add naval bases since ships couldnt sit out at ocean al l the time, change surface being fully stocked with provender and water, needed to come in for repairs frequently. With a strong navy, the altogether world beco... If you want to get a full essay, parade it on our website:

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