Saturday, September 23, 2017

'Destruction of the Indies'

'In the take hold An Account. Much Abbreviated, Of The desolation Of The Indies bishop De Las Casas writes to Don Felipe prince of completely Spain to make him cognisant of the pangs and punishment the Spaniards did to the Indians on their conquests of the Islands. De Las Casas in the commence of the book explains w here(predicate)fore the Spaniards tortured and killed the Indians when they came to their land. The Spaniards precious their gold when they pitch out that the Indians were producing so much of it and in the end the Spaniards wanted their land. Las Casas says that the Indians never did each harm to the Spaniards and thinking they were gods from the sky and here the Spaniards committed many a(prenominal) acts of wrongful harm, theft, impinge on and violence. These acts begin on the island of Hispaniola where the Spaniards would beat the Indians with their publicise hands or sticks till they order the lords of the Indian villages. The headwaiter of the Spania rds would violate the married woman of the Indian king.\nIn the beginning the Indians would sputter back but they were no st champion for the Spaniards who rode on horses and had alloy swords while the Indians had spears make out of sticks they had no chance and were last drubbinged. The Spaniards spared no one including no children or expectant woman. The Spaniards were so cruel that they would slicing open the abdominal cavity of a pregnant woman and hence hack the tike to pieces also they would describe wages on who might solidusting off open a man in one set down of his sword. They would also cut the arms of the Indians and all hang them or burn them at the stake. The Indians that were fortunate to flight of stairs would go into the mountains and cut through but the Spaniards would air out hunting dogs into those mountains to slaughter them and whoever survived that and was found in the end became slaves to the Spaniards.\nThe Spaniards would eventually live on on to defeat the islands of San Juan and Jamaica where they would once once more slaughter and torture the Indians and would take a... '

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