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Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals
Peter Tibbetts
COM 156
September 27, 2012

Humans atomic number 18 the go wizard cause of jeopardize animals. They are hunted right for certain parts of their bodies and the bodies are left behind. Endangered Animals are on the whole over the world. We just dont read word how bad it is. at that place are animals that even become nonexistent because we dont act fast enough to compose them. The jeopardise species contestation consist of not just antic animals you would see in a zoo, they are also oceanic animals on that list also. The amount of jeopardize animals that are in the world, if we could just help a few, by turn backing the save, it would keep them from coming extinct. Endangered animal are widely shell place over the world, lets find a route to keep them save.
There are an enormous amount of endangered animals. There are so many of them, that some let down left off the list of that become extinct. We are passing play to discuss the top ten endangered animals and why they became that port. There will be some explanations about each one and where they are on the endangered list.

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To make the endangered list researchers conducted surveys of the animals, when they got the information back, if the animal was limited, it became on the endangered list, if there was a bunch of them, they were left off the list. everywhere the past 400 years, 89 mammalian species have gone extinct, and another 169 are threatened with extinction. (Species List. pg.1). The ones that are going to be mentioned are the most endangered and will stay that way until something is done.
The Siberian Tiger is the number one on the endangered list. There are about 450 that are spread out in the regions of Russian Far East, possibly small exhibit areas of China and North Korea. (Species List:pg1). They used to range all over the Asian land, there are more of them in zoos than out running around on the land. They are mostly endangered in the Asian territory than anywhere else. They are very close to...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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