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Cultures FERP


Developed vs. developing countries:
Low birth range: pricey to raise family, more women have jobs, etc.
Low death rates: clean healthy water, clean living conditions, more than adequacy food, advanced aesculapian care.
graduate(prenominal) literacy rate: they can drop to not only send kids to school, but also dress it mandatory.
High birth rates: parents need a consider of children to garter on the farms, and to take care of them when they are older.
High death rates: poor living conditions, smallish or no food, no nutrients in food, dirty water, poor medical are.
Low literacy rate: Cannot afford to send kids to school. Most schools do not go past grade school.
Developed Developing

Subsistent floriculture: farming that provides just what the farmer needs for himself and his family, and very little if any left over crops to make a cyberspace from. Subsistent farming is usually only in developing/ underdevelop countries. This happens because the farmer can either not afford help and good tools or because it is poor land for farming. Ex. Sub-Saharan Africa.
industrialisation: this is the development of industry on an extensive scale. Ex.

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Japanese industrialize after WWII.
Urbanization: when people move to the cities and the population in the cities is increased. Many people would leave their farming jobs and urbanize to snuff it in the f turningories.
Cultural Diffusion: the spread of ideas, languages, customs, and technology from iodin culture to another. Ex. Christian missionaries in Japan, when the Europeans took over Africa they diffused western sandwich ideas.
Innovation: this is the introduction of something unfermented or a new idea, method, or device. (usually spread threw diffusion.)
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